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Bliss Ventures Pvt Ltd is a real estate firm with 15 years of experience in construction and layout development. We have successfully delivered past residential ventures such as Bliss Paradise and Bliss Castle in the Hitex area, Bliss Residency in Kondapur, and Bliss Fort View in Golconda Hills. Our commitment to premium quality, excellent locations, and an outstanding reputation sets us apart in the industry.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

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Mrs. G V Madhuri

A Woman with a Miracle Mission

Meet Our Visionary Leader

Mrs. G V Madhuri, our founder, and CEO, is a remarkable visionary leader. With a background in Home Science and an MBA with a specialization in Finance from JNTU-H, she brings a unique blend of knowledge and expertise to Bliss Ventures. Additionally, she is a certified graduate from the "Life Insurance Management Research Association" (LIMRA) as a "Professional Financial Adviser."

To make her eco-reality vision come true, Mrs. Madhuri is working on three different portfolios, which address the basic needs of people:

  • Housing through Bliss Ventures Pvt Ltd: Providing exceptional living spaces that offer comfort, luxury, and a sense of belonging.
  • Food supplements through Bliss Green Farms Pvt Ltd: Offering nourishing and sustainable food supplements derived from Moringa leaves, promoting well-being and healthy living.
  • Financial solutions through Bliss Financial Advisory: Providing expert financial advice and solutions to individuals and businesses, ensuring stability and prosperity.