FAQ's - Bliss Bilva

  • Site is located in Bodhisettipallly village, Munipally Mandal, Sanga Reddy District
  • Site is 45 Kms from Patancheru, Hyderabad & 60 Mins from Gachibowli, Financial Dist
  • Nearest ORR is Exit No: 3, Muthangi, Hyderabad
  • 10 Mins from Woxen University, Kamkole, Sadashivpet, Hyderabad
  • 30 Mins from National Investment & Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ -12,635 Acres), Zaheerabad (Manufacturing Zone)
  • 30 Mins from IIT Hyderabad
  • Food Processing Plant, 600 Acres, Chinthalghat
  • Farm lands are patch of land, that still is under agriculture.
  • Crop Cultivation is being performed on the land
  • We are growing, Fruit Plantation Trees, Orchard on our Farms Lands.
  • Right now, Farm is 51 acres and there is a future scope for increase
  • Bilva Farms are like a Gated community of Farms.
  • We have a total 200+ farm units
  • Each Farm Unit Area ranging from 3 Guntas to 20 Guntas
  • 1 Gunta = 121 Sq Yards; 40 Guntas = 1 Acre; 1 Acre = 4840 Sq Yrds.
  • Registration or Sale Happens in Guntas only
  • Price discussion is in Square yards only
  • Green Play Zone – Rural Sports Facilities
  • Eco Friendly Club House – Nature Themed
  • Safe & Secure Farm House – Fully Fenced & Protected on all sides
  • Star Forest
    • Nakshatravanam (27 plants of every Birth Star).
    • It is auspicious to visit your birth star plant and sit near to it.
    • Sitting near to it accrues Health benefits, proved scientifically also
  • Goushala – Cows shed.
  • Site Long Creek, along the Layout, 365 days water flowing
Other Amenities include:
    • Children Play Area, Slides
    • Swimming Pool
    • Rooms in Club House
    • Cycling Track
    • Kite Flying, Kho-Kho
    • Thokkudubilla
    • Pottery
    • Stargazing
    • Bullock Cart Rides
    • Swings
    • Gardening & Farming
Farm Owner may build:
  • Parnashala – Eco Friendly Farm house
  • Farm Development and Maintenance shall be taken care for a period of 5 years
  • For first 2 years by the developer, Next 3 years by Owners Association
  • There onwards, Farm Maintenance shall be Owners Association Only
  • Association shall be called as “Bilva Natural Farmers Welfare Association”
  • Every Plot owner is a life time member of the Association
  • Association takes care of the natural Certification, Plantation maintenance, Sales of the Farm Produce, re-deployment of the Funds & further farm development activities
  • As the plantation grows, it gets fruiting as per the tree & seasons
  • As the Farm is natural Certified, the produce from the natural Certified along with Trade Certificate fetches more price than the market value.
  • By selling the produce to the highest buyer, Association shall get the revenues
  • Distribution of funds shall be based the members interest and the decisions taken by the members or its representatives.
  • Every Farm unit ranges from 3G to 5Guntas in area. As per the available area, every farm unit gets 15 Trees to 25 Trees respectively (5 trees per 1 Gunta)
  • Types of Trees are:
    • Border Plants (For demarcation between the plots)
    • Fruit Trees (For Fruit bearing & Fit for natural Certification)
      • Trees list as follows are:
      • Mango (Pedda Rasalu, Chinn Rasalu, Himayath, Dasheri, Banganapalli, Punasa, Mallika)
      • Lemon
      • Guava
      • Chiku (Sapota)
      • Custard Apple
      • Coconut
      • Sri Gandham (Sandalwood) Trees
  • Parnahshala means Eco Friendly Farm House
  • Name is derived or originated from Ramayana
  • Every Farm Unit may go for building Farm House
  • If a Farm Owner not willing to Build his own farm house, He / she can come and spend in Club house rooms and can enjoy the weekend with his family
  • Regular permissions with Gram Panchayat is essential for construction of farm house
  • Farm comes under R1 zone, hence any farm owner can upto 100% of his/her construction area, without any restrictions
  • Yes, Farm has the electricity
  • Farm also lit with tube lights on the main road – 40ft
  • Every Farm unit is connected with Internal Roads
  • Internal roads access is via metal road
  • Entire Farm is irrigated with Drip irrigation and Automation. Farm do has electricity
  • It is club for like minded natural Growers
  • It is associated with other National natural Consumer Forums who supports natural Cultivation
  • Being a member of the club gives the identification that supporting of natural practices and banning of Chemical fertilizers on the farm
  • You can participate in regular natural meets or natural melas
  • You can buy natural Foods grown or offered by other natural Growers
  • You can participate in natural Exhibitions
  • It is happening club of natural Members
  • Total Farm units are 200+
  • Aprox 60% of the layout got sold out and regularly registrering
  • All Farm units are Agricultural Lands, hence Registrations happens at MRO Office not SRO
  • Yes, it is mandatory for the owner to present at the time of Registration.
  • Others cannot do the registration on behalf of the owner. Not possible in Agriculture Lands
  • As per the rules in India, NRI or Other nation citizens cannot buy the Agricultural land
  • You may nominate your parents or family for registering the land
  • We wish to bring the farms under revenues from the 3rd year onwards
  • All the Revenues goes to Association. It takes the decisions on behalf of the owners
  • Yes: East Facing : 100/- per Square Yard (additional)
  • Yes: Corner Plots : 200/- per Square Yard (additional)
  • Yes, Cows are integral part of any agriculture activity (Paadi – Panta)
  • Hence, we encourage every farm owner to own a Cow and avail 1 Ltr of Cow milk every day for 5 years (if staying in hyderabad)
  • Cow shall be reared in very good condition in a Goshala. We shall rear the cow for you
  • Scheme is only for 5 years, After 5 years, you shall get your cow back. Do not worry about what to do with cow after 5 years, we shall guide you at that point of time, positively

Organic Certificate

Organic farming can be defined as a system of management and agricultural production that combines a high level of biodiversity with environmental practices that preserve natural resources without use of chemicals

  • India Organic is a certification mark for organically farmed food products manufactured in India. The certification mark certifies that an organic food product confirms to the National Standards for Organic Products (NSOP) rules established in 2000
  • The APEDA, Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Government of India is implementing the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP).
  • With help of Certification, the Product certifies that authenticity of Organic Farming without use of chemicals
  • The use of certification fetches good market rate for the produce. Normally 40-50% of market rate higher. This price brings good revenues for the association
  • Money generated from the sale of produce helps for farm operations, farm expenses and organic certification expenses.
  • Surplus amount shall be re-distributed to the owners in terms of produce or money to the farm owners
  • Farm provides a Bio-diversified atmosphere which helps in rejuvinating the soil and helps in good produce
  • Farm shall also have medicinal nursery which are useful for the day to day ailments
  • As per the NPOP norms, every farm must undergo three conversion periods with the instructions to be followed as per the Scheme Document
  • Like: First year is known as Conversion Period 1 or C1
  • Like: Second year is known as Conversion Period 2 or C2
  • Like: Third year is known as Conversion Period 3 or C3
  • After completion of three conversions, the Farm shall be given a ORGANIC STATUS or called as ORGANIC FARM
It helps in following ways:
  1. You are officially given a Trace Net Code by APEDA, Govt of India.
  2. You shall be officially listed as Organic Farmer in the Govt Records
  3. You can Promote biodiversity by maintaining soil health, which helps maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  4. You helps in Reduction in pollution of soil, water, and air by avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Helps in long-term sustainability by maintaining the fertility of the soil and conserving natural resources.
  5. You are responsible for food that is healthier, tastier, and more nutritious than conventionally grown food.
  6. You are part in Helping reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels, which are required for the production of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
  7. You helps in Providing a source of income for association
  8. Reduces the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by avoiding the routine use of antibiotics in livestock farming.